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SOFA microchipping day

THE Speak Out For Animals (SOFA) Club held a Microchipping day at Thorpe St Andrew on September 10th. Guest for the day was Marc Abraham MRCVS . The day was held in conjunction with Broadland District Council and Pet ID

SOFA Microchipping daySOFA Member, Carissa, aged 12, commented: ‘We were all very glad that there are responsible pet owners, as there were many dogs waiting to be chipped. There was a brilliant atmosphere all day and the dogs were very well behaved. There are now nearly 200 more dogs that can be returned to their owners if they get lost or stolen.’

The highlight of the day, for all present had to be that the wonderful Marc Abraham was there to talk to members of the public and members of SOFA as well as to microchip some of the dogs and to be on hand for advice, when required.

Marc has become a huge supporter of SOFA’s Microchipping Campaign and the following day everyone was delighted by his visit to Thorpe House School to give a talk and take part in a question and answer session with an enthralled group of about 150 children. Marc added: ‘These caring animal-loving youngsters already realise that if micro-chipping became law there would be a reduction in the number of lost, stolen and abandoned pets, and what’s more they’re bothering to do something about it.’

On Tuesday 21st October, the S.O.F.A Club (of just fewer than 100 members) will be attending Parliament to hand over a petition which is calling on the Prime Minister to bring in a law to make the microchipping of dogs compulsory. Marc Abraham is also attending and there is to be a cross party question and answer session, in the Jubilee Room, with MPs Mr Richard Bacon (Conservative), Dr Ian Gibson (Labour) and Mr Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat). The children are already preparing for this visit by undertaking research into pet id and into the history of the Houses of Parliament.

SOFA’s link can be found through Marc's website:’s-amazing-microchipping-campaign/