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Royvon's Darren James on The Underdog Show

Royvon Dog Training Schools' Managing Director, Darren James has been selected as one of the five coveted dog obedience trainers for the second annual "The Underdog Show".

The "Underdogs" consist of 10 celebrities, each paired with a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust, and one expert dog trainer. The competition will run for 10 weeks and include agility, tricks, heelwork to music and other impressive canine performances. The 10 "celebrity" dogs will be available for adoption once they complete the show, with 100% re-homing success stories from the 2007 airing of the series. Darren has been paired with celebrities Camilla Dallerup and Javine Hylton.
Many people will remember Camilla Dallerup from her four - soon to be five - incredible season series of Strictly Come Dancing. In addition to being a professional dancer, Denmark born Camilla is also a model, actress, presenter, public speaker and charity ambassador. Darren will be training Camilla with Chico, a three year old collie cross German Shepherd dog.

Darren will also be training Javine Hylton with Bouncer, a 12 month old Labrador Retriever. Javine is also a multi-talented celebrity having earned recognition performing with The Cardigans, Tom Jones, The Honeyz and Damage. Additionally, Javine performed in the stage version of The Lion King, and was a finalist on Popstars, The Rivals in 2002, which later led to a record deal with Innocent.

Darren, too, is a celebrity in his own right as a successful dog breeder, handler, trainer, businessman and entrepreneur. He is accustom to training high profile personalities and their dogs and embraces another opportunity to work in conjunction with his favourite charity for his favourite cause. And, if anything like last year's competition, it will be as much fun to participate as it is to watch!

Darren was a finalists in The Underdog Show 2007 and one of a select few trainers asked to return to The Underdog Show 2008.

Stay Tuned: The Underdog Show is aired in Sundays at 7pm on Living TV.