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Dennis Mayger retires

Dennis Mayger

AT THE Whippet Club’s AGM on 21st March Dennis Mayger retired from the office of Club Secretary after 20 years.

Not only is the Whippet Club the largest and oldest of the Whippet breed clubs, but it also has active racing and obedience sections and, twice a year, produces and distributes a magazine for members. Thus the administrative burden which the Secretary bears is very substantial. In addition, Dennis played a very major part in the organisation of the Club’s centenary celebrations of 1999.

Throughout, Dennis has provided unobtrusive but efficient administration for the Club and wise counsel in the committees of both the main Club and its racing section (WCRA). Key has been his understanding that people’s dogs are a great source of pleasure and that their dog-related activities (showing, racing or obedience) are an important part of their family and social lives. His unfailing courtesy and consideration to all enabled him to defuse tension and solve the ‘people’ problems which inevitably occur when dealing with what is often more of a passion than a hobby; he is particularly adept at making newcomers feel welcome.

Sadly, Dennis’ health has declined seriously over the past year and he was not able to attend the AGM. However, his wife Jean accepted, on his behalf, a portrait of his favourite Whippet by Mary Browning from the Club and an engraved clock from the WCRA. He has also been elected to be the Club’s President, a post that has been vacant since the death of Mrs M. R. Cooke.

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