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BBC at it again...or should that be foot in mouth?

Many people were worried that the BBC’s absence from Crufts would be a killer blow. In the end, the web/ TV production team did a sterling job all round, and the web viewers got value for money. That’s not to say that terrestrial TV publicity would not be welcomed should the Kennel Club negotiate accordingly for 2010.

Some commented that Crufts without the BBC was a breath of fresh air, not just because that previous timings were all set to their clock and this year was more relaxed, but also for the fact that we did not have some harebrained ‘presenters’ running around trying to appear knowledgeable.
The fact that the BBC objected to St Bernards being shown and then they chose that self same breed to be prominent in Eastenders defied all logic.

Who were they to try and tell the KC what they should or should not show?

And now the fact that one of their lead ‘presenters’ has embarrassed last Saturday’s winning jockey at the Grand National by making jokes about the state of his teeth perhaps underlines why we may be better off without this ‘pillar’ of broadcasting at our premier event. Clare Balding’s poorly chosen words to Grand National winning jockey Liam Treadwell included such gems as, ‘c’mon Liam give us a smile for the camera, I know he hasn’t got the best teeth in the world... now you can afford to get your teeth done,’ has resulted in over 1,500 complaints to the BBC and apologies all round, prompting remarks that they have closed the stable door after the horse has bolted!

It appears to be part of the BBC’s misplaced enthusiasm for taking on past sportsmen and women as presenters. The classic ‘stupid’ question of ‘how do you feel right now’ at the critical final moment, shows many limitations if that’s the best these people can come up with at the pinnacle of someone’s career.

Heaven helps us and save us… from the BBC, purveyors of Pedigree Dogs Exposed…

As a final note on the horsey front, Jonjo O'Neill's stable star Exotic Dancer died after suffering a heart attack following the Totesport Bowl at Aintree last week. Other horses collapsed but did not die. In the year 2000 five horses died at the Grand National.

Can anyone tell this paper, or us all as caring dog breeders and dog owners why the BBC could have been so sanctimonious about Crufts where no dogs died, yet they continue to parade the Grand National as one of their feature events of the entire year?

Where were Mark Evans and the RSPCA when animals were dying? Can we assume that horse racing is not on Mr Evans’ radar, yet the world of dogs is an easier target, perhaps with an end game for potential revenue for the RSPCA in case they ever persuaded our politicians that they were a safer pair of hands?

God forbid.

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