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The Kennel Club and vets stand together at the BSAVA Congress

OUR DOGS were also delighted to see
Bill Lambert flying the flag over the weekend at the National Terrier show where he was an exhibitor. Our photo shows Bill with fellow Mini Bull terrier enthusiast and OUR DOGS correspondent Malcolm Presland on the
OUR DOGS stand

Bill Lambert of the Kennel Club, Ed Hall BSAVA President, Sue Sampson
KC Road Show Manager, and Celia Walsom Petlog Executive at the vets congress
last week in Birmingham.

For the first time this year, the Kennel Club has teamed up with Petlog’s regular presence at the BSAVA Congress, in order to ensure that vets and the Kennel Club work effectively together to benefit the health and welfare of dogs.

Speaking about the event Caroline Kisko, Communications Director, said: "The Kennel Club is delighted to have an even stronger presence at this year's BSAVA Congress, where we have been able to enhance relationships with the veterinary profession and talk about the important schemes that we run, such as micro-chipping, the Accredited Breeder Scheme and health screening. This really underlines our commitment to working alongside the veterinary profession in order to safeguard the health and welfare of dogs.

"Our key messages, such as those about the importance of encouraging dog owners to microchip and health test their dogs are ones that have really resonated throughout the Congress and it makes sense that we all pull in the same direction to encourage this kind of responsible dog ownership.
"It is only through working together and engaging in interesting and challenging discussions with those that have the same aim as ourselves - for happy, healthy dogs - that we can we continue to move forward and that is why this event has been so important."

All visitors to the stand were offered a complimentary 'Vet Kit' containing Kennel Club key
messages and information guides.

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