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CC roundup

IRISH Wolfhound Club show was held on Saturday 4th April at the Kennel Club Building in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. The judge was Mr P. V. Pask (Baronglen).

The major awards were: DCC - Bokra Wallace to Sade, owned by Mr & Mrs C. Amoo. RDCC - Caredig Galileo, owned by Mrs D. E. Tebbutt. BCC & BIS - Bokra Windchyme, owned by Misses S. A. Surrell and K. Coleman. RBCC & RBIS - Mascotts My Lola, owned by Mrs M. Holder and Mr D. Howe. BP - Drifcot Billy Elliot (dog), owned by Mrs K. Goodall.

Northern Counties American Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show was held on Sunday 5th April 2009 where the judge was Mr M. Bottomley. The major awards were: DCC & BOB - Colorfull's Nostress Reaction, owned by Mrs B. L. Van Zanten Dorland. BCC -Alibama Small Talk, owned by Mr D. Jennings
At the Labrador Club of Scotland Championship Show held on Saturday 4th April, the CC winners were as follows: DCC - Harvey-Major and Allen's Brockburrow Cassanova in Linjor. BCC - Auld and Holliday's Sh Ch Lindall Strawberry Cream With Farbrae. BOB - Brockburrow Cassanova in Linjor.

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