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GSD would love to meet...

Lancashire GSD Rescue would love to talk to you if you think you can help rehome any of the following dogs:

Duke and Scooby

I’m Duke and I came over from Ireland with Scooby. I was at first called Spook because I seemed to be “spooked” by everything but Ted said Duke was a far more fitting name for a handsome lad like me.

Apparently I am “bio” i.e. more black than tan. The Irish ladies said that I was brought in by a man who worked in security who said he had “found” me but they didn’t believe him. I was really dirty and skinny and really barked at everyone over there but I soon came to realise that they were my friends. I was such a timid boy when I first came to Lancashire that I barked at anyone who came by my pen (but not aggressively). As soon as the door was open though I came cautiously out and sniffed and then allowed a little stroke then went to investigate the garden. I allowed a few more strokes then went back into my pen.

For the first night I was very very quiet but now that I am growing in confidence I bark when the next door dog comes out and when I am out of my pen Scooby and I chase up and down – me on the outside of his pen and him on the inside – Its fun and good exercise! I bark to let them know if I hear anything strange too.

I will play ball now AND bring it back for more. Because I am still wary of things I will need to learn to be confident in lots more places and situations (for instance I still run from the bleep the scanner makes) so I will need someone to understand my needs and help me through this so I can, in time, just be a happy well balanced dog again. Once I know you I am really friendly and I let my coat be brushed and my ears cleaned (if the wipes are warm!) I’m going to have a bath on Friday but already my coat is lots better just from brushing and fresh air and playing in the rain! I invite you to play with me too – using my own doggy body language of course. I’m only a youngster of about 2 years but I haven’t been “done” like Scooby has. Like him I too can’t give you any history with cats or children or the like.

The Lancashire German Shepherd Rescue tel either Ted Kewley on 01772 633 860 (m) 07754 156 189 or Jan Hill on 07742 277 304 if you can offer a home to one of these lovely dogs.

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