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Dog dirt hung from posts in protest

DOG OWNERS have been hanging bags of dog poo from lampposts in Berkshire after special dog waste disposal bins were removed from the area.

Wokingham Borough Council plan to replace the 245 dog waste bins with general litter bins, which can also be used by dog owners provided they bag up their dog dirt and dispose of it hygeinically in the new bins.

However, some dog walkers are unhappy with the decision, claiming that it will leave them with nowhere to deposit their pooches’ poo.

‘All the dog waste bins have been removed by the local council due to expenditure.

‘We are expected to put dog waste in bins that are already overspilling and we have to constantly ring the council, asking them to come and empty them,’ said one dog owner from Woodley.

A council spokesman said: ‘Wokingham Borough Council is changing its dog waste collection service so that bagged up dog waste can be put into normal litter bins.

‘Therefore dog waste can now be bagged up and placed in ordinary litter bins or taken home and disposed of.’

But many are still unconvinced, believing that this will only cause environmental issues.
‘To have dog excrement left smelling in bins near where children play will only encourage flies,’ added another dog walker.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) dog waste can be placed in normal litter bins without posing a health hazard.

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