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Tired sniffer dog causes security alert

A MILITARY airbase was sealed off for five hours in a security alert - triggered by a tired sniffer dog.

Two-year-old Malinois ‘Henry’ was being led around a truck by her handler when she suddenly sat down - a sniffer dog’s way of indicating the presence of explosives. The alarm was then raised when her handler spotted a suspicious-looking package.

Buildings were evacuated near Lakenheath in Suffolk, a 500ft cordon erected and a bomb disposal squad were called in to carry out a controlled explosion on the package, which turned out to be harmless.

It later emerged that Heny was simply tired and wanted a breather before carrying on with her duties.

A spokesman for the US Air Force base said: ‘Checks had indicated there may have been a suspicious package on a vehicle. Sniffer dogs are trained when they sniff something to sit down. A dog sat down and everything kicked off.’

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