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Trainee vet needs your support!

AN ANIMAL lover from Derbyshire is in training for the Leeds half-marathon in a bid to raise enough sponsor money to go towards the payment of her veterinary college fees.

Sophie Redfern, 22, has already secured a place on a veterinary science course at Liverpool University but is struggling to raise the funds to cover the extortionate fees of up to £17,000 a year for the five-year course.

The ambitious undergraduate will run the 13.1 mile half-marathon in Leeds on 10th May 2009 where she hopes to gain enough sponsorship to move a few steps closer to realising her lifelong dream of becoming a qualified vet.

‘I need all the help I can get really. My last resort is to go to the bank and beg for the money but looking at the current economic situation this doesn't look very hopeful, and I will probably be paying it off for the rest of my life!’ explains Sophie.

If you would like to help Sophie’s dream come true then visit or email her on to make a donation.

In return for any money donated Sophie is willing to do some veterinary-based voluntary work, if needed, which will also help her to gain invaluable experience in this field.

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