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Kennel Club to host international Symposium

The Kennel Club has announced it will be hosting the International Symposium on the Dog on the 6th-7th July 2009. The conference will focus on two central themes - Canine Health and Dogs in Society.

The venue will be the Washington Hotel in Mayfair, London. Lunch will be provided and an evening reception will be held at the Kennel Club on Monday 6th July. It is hoped that the symposium will have a real international feel, and that this will be reflected in the lecture content. Confirmed speakers currently include; Maureen Hennis, Chief Executive - Pets As Therapy; Cathryn Mellersh, PhD Canine Genetics Research Group Leader - Animal Health Trust; Mark Callis, Dog Control Unit Manager – Wandsworth Borough Council, Dr Jeff Sampson, Genetics/Health Expert; Jan Barlow, Chief Executive – Battersea Dogs and Cats.

The symposium takes place over Wimbledon fortnight and this will impact on accommodation availability.

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