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Crime warning in Henley-on-Thames

A WARNING has been issued by Thames Valley Police to dog owners via Dog Watch and to rural communities via Country Watch, advising every one to be alert.

Following a crackdown on rural crime Thames Valley Police have received information that there will be reprisals, mainly affecting those people living along the Ridgeway area.

On Sunday 29th March Henley-on-Thames Neighbourhood teams ran a special operation between 11am and 7pm, targeting individuals who it is believed damage properties, take part in illegal coursing or poaching, steal property including dogs and threaten and abuse landowners and their staff. The operation was organised under the Country Watch scheme, which tackles rural crime, including theft and attacks on livestock, horses and dogs, as well as theft of farm equipment, household burglaries and vehicle theft.

During the hours of the crackdown, members of Country Watch, Horse Watch and Dog Watch were asked to report any incident which they thought was unusual to the Country Watch officers, no matter how trivial. The operation was deemed a success, and more such operations will no doubt be run.



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