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Doreen Paige: happy to help!

Increasingly the benefits of natural techniques, ingredients and preparations are being realised. Whether it is organic food in the supermarket or chemical free shampoo in the chemist, we are seeing an increasingly large number of products aimed at this previously niche market.

So are many of these products just cashing in on the current trend, trying to make a quick buck from the capricious customer? Do they really work?

At Doreen Paige Ltd., we have been offering these natural products for over thirty years. We are not new to the game and our customers have been reaping the benefits of our naturally sourced products since 1977. Our extensive range of shampoos, conditioners, finishing aids, flower essences and dietary supplements have been developed, tested and evolving over the past three decades with great success.

Few may boast such a wealth of experience in the field!

Doreen Paige Ltd. is home to our famous Vita Oil, a superb food supplement that will bring excellent condition to the skin and coat, as well as helping with pigmentation and coat growth.

This has been a customer favourite since 1977, however just because so many people swear by the oil is no reason for us to rest on our laurels. That is why recently we have launched Vita Omega Plus; this food supplement contains all of the vitamins and minerals that have made Vita Oil such a great success, however it also benefits from the addition of Omega 3 and 6 and, importantly, it is gluten free for those animals that are sensitive to such things.

Our substantial range of shampoos includes products for both soft coated and harsher textured breeds, so the texture of your dog’s coat need never be an issue again. As well as this, our shampoos can also cater for the colour of your dog’s coat and help to naturally and gently enhance it, making your animal really stand out from the crowd. Rest assured, our Harsh Coat White and 5 Oils White shampoos contain NO bleach and NO peroxide – we are committed to natural products, remember!

So does the natural approach really work? How can naturally occurring compounds really be beneficial to us and surely they cannot be as effective as their artificially produced counterparts? Well, it should be pointed out that Penicillin was first observed in a fungus, and we have either the fungi or plant kingdom to thank for a great deal of our medicinal treatments today.

Gardeners will tell you that certain plants will ward off parasitic insects. For centuries, numerous plants have been used for their health-giving properties (Witch Hazel, for example) and may still be found playing an important role in complimentary medicine today.

So the natural approach really does work and has worked for our customers over the past thirty-three years. Why not see if it works for you too? The Doreen Paige Ltd. stand can be found at most major championship dog shows and our excellent mail order service is only a phone call away. We are always happy to help.


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