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No coincidence that man looks like his dog

THE KENNEL Club has welcomed the findings by Bath Spa University researchers, which has proven the theory that man looks like his dog, and suggests the phenomenon may simply be a sign that our decisions are driven by a desire to choose the right dog for our lifestyle.

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director at the Kennel Club, said: ‘The findings confirm what has always been suspected - that owners can often look like their dogs - and there could be a very simple reason for this.

‘Pedigree dogs, which were focused on in this study, have a breed standard that predicts the likely characteristics of the dog such as the size it will grow to or the amount of grooming and exercise it will need.

It therefore follows that if you are looking for a breed that will suit your lifestyle and assessing the needs and the physical characteristics of a dog, they may well be similar to your own.

For example, you might be small and choose a small dog because it is not too powerful, or you might have a short hair cut because you don't choose to spend too long styling it and so opt for a short haired dog that requires minimal grooming, for similar reasons.

‘This is actually a sign that people's choice of dog is motivated by a deeper desire to make a responsible choice that will lead to a happy and fulfilling relationship and this is obviously a positive result.

‘We are concerned that people still think that an owner’s personality can be predicted by the type of dog that they own, especially as these preconceptions are themselves based on false assumptions about the nature of many breeds, such as the Stafford.

The study showed that people believe the breed to be unintelligent and to have an aggressive nature, when it is in fact highly intelligent and affectionate. People can find out about the true nature and temperament of a breed, which will be displayed given the right care and training by the dog owner, by looking at its breed standard.’


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