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Overseas judging panel for
Southern Counties Championship Show

SOUTHERN COUNTIES has appointed several judges from abroad, well experienced in the breeds which they will be judging at the show.

Rainer Vuorinen and Hans Lehtinen from Finland need no introduction being two of the most experienced judges on the circuit.

Accompanying them this year will be Gunnel Holm, not only an experienced judge but one who proved very popular in the breeds she judged at Southern Counties in 2008. Johan Juslin is also an experienced judge over a range of breeds,
most notably terriers.

Pekka Teini will be coming to this country for the first time to judge breeds in which he specialises - he is also an instructor in the training of breed judges.

From the United States comes Gloria Mitcham Geringer. She is no stranger to American Cocker exhibitors and began her life with the breed in 1963. She finished many Championships with the prefix ‘Maribeau’ before breeding herself under the prefix Lancer. She has judged the American Spaniel Club National four times. As far as her Saluki credentials are concerned, as an AKC licensed handler she showed several Salukis of Srinagar breeding and has since judged the breed in 24 countries including Scandinavia, Europe and the US.

Heiko Wagner’s credentials as a Great Dane judge are too numerous to mention in a short press release but doubtless enthusiasts will have read his reports in the foreign press. He is also Chairman of the club in Germany.

Nellie Abela is a Bullmastiff Breed Specialist who has owned and bred over 60 Champions as well as the very first Australian Grand Champion dog. She is also well known as a judge for Dogue de Bordeaux and is a Group 6 (Utility) judge and a Group 1 (Toy) judge.
Postal entries close 21st April; online entries close 28th April.


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