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Trade news

‘There’s Life In the Old Dog Yet’

Johnson’s announce the introduction of new 4Joints Extra Strength Tablets. These are a very effective and valuable nutritional supplement to help promote and maintain healthy joint mobility in dogs and cats and to help to ease joint stiffness and discomfort.

These veterinary strength tablets are specially formulated to provide an extra strong combination of ingredients essential for the natural support and maintenance of joint, cartilage function, stimulate cartilage cells, maintains joint lubrication and is an aid to a better quality of life in older pets.

Contains: Glucosamine 400mg/tab, Chondroitin 200mg/tab, Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussel, MSM, Plus a range of vitamins Code A033 4Joints Extra Strength Tablets RRP £5.86 including VAT @ 15% or RRP £5.99 including VAT @ 17?%.

Trade £13.59 per pack of 4: Bar Code 50004760103331 Johnson’s full range is available at pet stores, garden centres and all major wholesalers, or for further details and information contact:

Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd., Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B75 7DF. Tel: 0121 378 1684 or Fax: 0121 311 1758. E-mail:

SMART COATS - the ultimate tool for de-matting and thinning thick coats!

SMART COATS from Smart Grooming - the innovative tool for ensuring thick coats can be easily and humanely managed all year round.

Particularly useful in the Spring to aid the shedding of winter coats, this simple grooming tool really shifts the stubborn undercoat.

Having been used on all types of donkeys by the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, and also on Shetlands and ponies with Cushings Disease allowing continually thick hair to be thinned all year round, it is an invaluable item to get into the grooming kit!

Totally humane, this professional tool makes the job quick and easy, keeping the coat thinned and easily managed and ensuring the animal is kept comfortable and cool in hot weather.

It works by dragging the loose hair away from the coat, and where the coat does not want to shed and it is static, then the blade will come into action and thin out the coat evenly all over.
The results with this tool are dramatic, transforming a thick unmanageable coat in minutes giving a natural finish. These tools are designed and manufactured in Germany using top quality materials, including steel from Scandinavia for the blades. They are hand-finished to an exacting standard and the blades can be replaced or interchanged as necessary.

Available in Fine (60 teeth) and Coarse (30 teeth). Width of the blade is 13cm. RRP for Coarse (30 teeth) £34.95 and Fine (60 teeth) £38.95.

Replacement blades are also available and are easy to slide on and off to replace when the blades become blunt. They are also interchangeable, so that one tool can be used with either grade of blade. Replacement blades retail at around £24.

For your nearest stockist, contact: or call 01823 681076.


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