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CSJ wins BA award For Pet Product of the Year 2009

CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds had a pleasant surprise recently in being selected to receive the BA Award For Pet Product Of The Year 2009 in a completely independent Award Programme sponsored by the Lincolnshire Telegraph.

The awards are recognised throughout business and industry and serve as a distinguishing factor, and seal of approval to prospective customers.

CSJ’s owner, Ceri Rundle, said, ‘This came out of the blue as, unknown to us, CSJ was entered by Mrs Vera Allen and Ms Deen Morgan, who use and stock our ranges of food, treats and herbs.’

Ms Morgan explained, ‘CSJ sells itself because it is such an amazing dog food that keeps the animal healthy and happy.

I myself have six dogs, one of which suffers badly from allergies, which can cause large blisters to appear.

However, since introducing CSJ into my dogs diet he has shown no signs of any bad reactions and in fact appears healthier and happier than ever.’

CSJ has become probably the fastest growing dog food in the UK, used by Champions in the Show, Sled dog, Gundog, Agility, Flyball, Search and Rescue, Sheepdog, and even Dancing With Dogs world - remember Kate Nicholas and Border Collie Gin who sparkled with vitality in Britain’s Got Talent?

The secret to its success is quality GM free ingredients manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to meet the real needs of dogs and dog owners.

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