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Justice for bin bag Afghans, please

THE GRUESOME discovery of three Afghan Hounds found dead in bin bags in a Lincolnshire field together with a number of horses in an emaciated state has rocked the Afghan fraternity.

The animals were found by EEAC Rescue Officer Debbie Newson on 16th February of this year after she took in an emaciated and matted solid black bitch who, Debbie later found out, was not a ‘stray’ but in fact belonged to the person who had handed her in.

Upon discovering this Debbie made some enquiries and learned that this particular owner had at least another three Afghans, which immediately caused great concern for the welfare of these other dogs. After more enquiries, the rescue officer was led to a field where she came across the grisly find. Three bin bags were found at the scene, all containing the emaciated bodies of three Afghan Hounds - two bitches and one dog. The remains of a horse were also found rolled up in a rug plus several other neglected and starving horses.

The RSPCA and the police were called to the scene where the bodies were then placed within the care of the RSPCA who said post-mortems would be carried out.

However, since that date there has been little development surrounding the case and Debbie is appealing for all Afghan lovers, owners and breeders to help get justice for these animals, who were the victims of a devastating case of severe cruelty, by contacting the RSPCA and expressing their feelings.

Debbie says: ‘I do understand the difficulties that might be presented in planning a prosecution and it is all a matter of collecting evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

‘Why have the RSPCA not chosen to act upon the evidence that they were very much presented with.

We know how individuals can get away with human abuse so one can appreciate the difficulties where animals are concerned, especially with clever lawyers, but our breed as a whole must take this matter on board.’

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Something mustb done about the's people so they never own a  dog again we must do something  lets all get togather the RSPCA must be made to do something.

Lynda Llewellyn

discusting and unforgetable these people must be given 2 years at least although i it was up to me it would be life i just wish people would ask for help when they need it there is no need for this i have rescued befor and rehomed there is always someone that can help. i have no words to discribe how i feel on reading this other than its sick and maybe it should be that the law is changed (a life for a life) this goes for killing people or animals. animals are not dumb or stupid they know what you are doing to them they just dont know why (SAY NO TO ABUSE)

Paula Cannon

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