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Phil and Fern..and Paul

WATCH OUT for OUR DOGS correspondent next Friday (May 1) with Phil and Fern! Paul and Crosby (that’s his Dandie DT), are appearing on the This Morning show on ITV with Fern Britton and Philip Schofield as part of a look at people who choose pets that resemble them.

Last week we published a news story about Dr Lance Workman, from Bath Spa University, who recently published a report confirming that people do indeed choose pets who look like them selves.

Paul and Crosby (Paul’s the one on the right!)

Joy Mahoney from south Wales with her daughter, sharing a moment in the Afghan ring at crufts 2009

Crosby and Paul will be on the show with Joy Mahony and her Afghan Hound, whose photo was all over the press following this year’s Crufts.There will also be three or four viewers and their pets who claim to look like their pet and there will be a telephone voting phone in to vote who looks most like their pet!

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