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Communicating with animals

Have you ever wondered what your animal was thinking as it looked up at you with shining eyes?

Amelia Kinkade knows and can teach YOU to understand your animal’s thoughts, too. Here’s the opportunity to discover what your animal wants, needs, feels, and really thinks. Your discoveries will astound you!

This skill can be very useful for:

* Learning why certain behaviours arise and what can be done to alleviate a need that is causing a problem

* Finding out what is wrong with animals by asking them, thereby saving on the trauma and cost of invasive veterinary tests

*Asking an animal if they would like their life to be ended for them if they are seriously ill


* Explaining why animals need to be moved or

*Explaining to animals that you are going away but will be back and who will look after them whilst you are away

* Communicating with your animal whilst you are away

*Finding lost animals

* Rehoming animals in homes that will suit the needs of both the animal and the people offering the home

A variety of animals are present at Amelia’s courses to help you learn this skill. On past courses we have had cats, dogs, horses, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, hens, cockatiels, a lamb and other species. Students will be invited to bring a photograph of one of their beloved animals to practice reading and swapping with other participants.

The courses are fun and Amelia has a great sense of humour which shines through in her teaching.

Amelia will take you on a journey to rekindle your psychic senses and your
ability to communicate with other species. Telepathic ability is not a God-given gift, but a learned skill available to all of us using:

* Clairvoyance (Clear-seeing) The ability to exchange mental pictures and moving sequences of events to and from the mind of your animal friends.

* Clairsentience (Clear-feeling): The ability to send and receive emotion to and from animals.

*Clairaudience (Clear-hearing): The ability to hear telepathic information.

* X-ray vision (Medical Gestalt): The ability to use your body as an instrument to determine if and where your animals are in pain.

* Starlight vision (Mediumship): The ability to send and receive messages from beloved animal friends on the ‘other Side’.

* Photo talk (remote viewing): How to connect to distant animals using nothing but a photograph of the animal.

Amelia Kinkade is an international speaker and the author of Straight From the Horse’s Mouth:

How To Talk To Animals and Get Answers and The Language of Miracles (New World Library). She was featured in The 100 Top Psychics in America, and has recently been spotlighted by the New York Times, ABC Online, Good Housekeeping Magazine, The London Sunday News of the World, and hundreds of other newspaper and magazines.

Her remarkable abilities have earned her appearances on shows such as Extra, The View, Jenny Jones, The Other Half, The James Van Praagh show, the Australian Today show, Carte Blanche in South Africa, the Animal Planet Network, as well as numerous BBC talk shows.

Her greatest honour was working with the horses of Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Her passions include working with white lions, cheetah, and elephants in Africa and helping charities worldwide with their fundraising.

Courses lasting two days will be held in the Marchesi Centre in Windermere, Lake District LA23 2AF, 10am-5pm on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 June and also on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 August 2009.

For more information see
Email or telephone 01539 436571.

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