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EJ makes a real dog’s dinner in London

EJ - Endal Junior - attended his first official engagement along side Gulf war veteran Allen Parton recently at the Pet Food Manufacturers Association's annual lunch held at the very prest-igious Stationers hall in London.

This was EJ’s first function since Endal’s heartbreaking passing, and Allan told us he was ‘nervous without my faithful old mate at my side who always just made anything possible!

Traditionally every year Endal used to bark at the toast to the Queen, just one clear sharp bark and then later on during the event two barks at the thanks given to the organisers and staff of the Stationers hall.

‘I quickly realised that I didn't have any need feel nervous as ten-month-old EJ stepped up to the plate and dutifully barked once at the toast to the queen and twice at the thanks - a tradition taken up and conducted like a veteran.

A few eyes in the room filled up, including mine and I guess Endal would have been looking down with such pride at how well his prodigy was conducting himself.’

Allen said EJ has grown up these last few weeks since the big yella fella has left us and he really is focused on what he has to do. Travelling up to the heart of London, not really the most friendly dog environment in the world, EJ behaved like an assistance dog many years older.

The train, underground and taxi just other things he took in his stride as if it was an everyday occurrence. He even put the train ticket into the newly installed ticket barriers at Waterloo station and collected it from the top of the machine when it passed out!

Allen said: ‘EJ is very much a puppy in training and not a fully qualified service dog but I am every day seeing glimpses of EJ's intuitive nature, his problem solving and his thinking which is truly incredible. I've shed some tears over Endal's loss but every time I turn around devoted EJ is there for me with the hankie in his mouth!’

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