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The Greenland Dog Club's 50th Anniversary Celebrations

ON SATURDAY 11th April 2009 the Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain, committee and 25 members celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the club.

The day was held at the new KC building in Stoneleigh Park. The guest speaker was Geoff Somers MBE, one of the world’s most accomplished polar travellers, he has crossed Antarctica by its great axis, has been to both poles six times and has travelled 16,000 miles in the Arctic and Antarctic and has been awarded the Polar Medal for his accomplishments.

Geoff Somers MBE and his team battle through the Antarctic blizzards with a lot of help fom their trusty Greenlands

Geoff started the day by giving a presentation of his career in Antarctica and the conditions, day-to-day activities and dog experiences that he gained in his first 33-month term.

This was followed by a fantastic three-course lunch provided by Aubrey Allen that was sumptuous to say the least. A raffle followed that featured some very nice items including harnesses from Geoff's 1990 Trans-Antarctic Expedition and DVDs.

Geoff’s hardworking Greenland Dogs take a break during one of their trans-Antarctic expeditions

Geoff's second presentation told the story of a historical 3,700 mile crossing of Antarctica made by six strangers, including Geoff, from six different countries. The journey took seven months to complete. They were the first team to traverse Antarctica by dogsled, the first to trek the length of the Antarctic Peninsula in winter and to cross the isolated ‘area of inaccessibility’ on foot.

A Greenland Dog ready for action in the snow

The presentations were accompanied by many slides and videos that really made you feel as if you were there, minus the discomfort of course! The stories he told and the visual images were breathtaking, with a few heart-in-the-mouth moments thrown in for good measure, all showing how amazing these dogs and their human leaders are.

The club have received lots of feedback from the members about how much they enjoyed themselves and about how fascinating Geoff and his stories were, and organisers would like to thank those who came along to enjoy the day and to those who continue to support the club. Here's to the next 50 years!

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