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It’s all change at the National Gundog Association

THE ANNUAL General Meeting of the National Gundog Association took place at the Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford on Sunday 12th April 2009.

Presentation by Margaret Holmes, the NGA’s new President, to Arnold Ryder, retired Treasurer

The NGA’s Secretary Chris Bexon makes a presenation to Valerie Foss, retired President

Retired Chairman Margaret Holmes is presented with a gift from Valerie Foss, the NGA’s new Patron

The following changes in officers took place: Mrs Foss moved to the position of Patron; Mrs Holmes, former Chairman, became the new President; Mr Glynn Griffith fought off a challenge for the position of Chairman from Mr David Moss; Mr Geoff Tong became the new Treasurer and Mr Bill Short became the Association’s New Vice Chairman. Chris Bexon remains the Secretary.

On the day presentations were also made to the retiring officers by current officers of the association.

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