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West England Ladies Kennel Society

Irish Terrier  Mrs Judy Averis has withdrawn to be Judged by Mrs Ferelith Somerfield

Bichon Frise  Mrs B. Ellis has withdrawn to be Judged by Mrs M. Hoad

Devon County Dog Show

A/V GUNDOG NSC has been omitted from the schedule, the class numbers are 24a Post Grad and 24b Open.

Replacement judges at Cheshire

THERE HAVE been several changes of judge at Cheshire Agricultural Society show to be held on 23rd & 24th June 2009 due to illness. Notices will be placed in the appropriate rings at the show. The new judges will be:

Spaniel (Sussex): Mr D. Bennett (Jesham); Irish Water Spaniels: Mr D. Bennett (Jesham); Spaniel (Cocker): Mr D. Hutchison (Waverton); Spaniel (Clumber): Mrs J. Pretty (Joaldy); Spaniel (Field): Mrs J. Pretty (Joaldy) and Afghan Hounds: Mrs Twentyman (Gothika).

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