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Spaniel survives cliff fall and eight days in cave

A SPRINGER Spaniel who fell 130ft from a cliff and then survived for eight days trapped in a cave has been reunited with his owners.

Margaret Williamson from Belfast said her family were on holiday in Ballycastle when 3-year-old Laddy went missing along the Antrim Coast.

‘We searched everywhere, all over the cliff. My grandson Conor Donnelly and my friend Teresa Gallagher helped us. There were posters all over Ballycastle and we could not leave the caravan site without Laddy,’ said Margaret.

Then on Easter Sunday a yachtsman spotted Laddy amongst the rocks and called the coastguard after he tried to get the spaniel to swim out to his boat which Laddy couldn’t do.

A cliff technician managed to locate Laddy and winch him to safety. Coastguard Ian Murdock said the dog had a lucky escape.

‘We are very happy to have recovered the dog. The cliff team did a great job. They used a harness and winch to get it back to the top of the cliff. ‘We found the owner's number from a notice in a local chip shop and contacted them,’ he said.

Laddy was very dehydrated and had hurt his leg and had lost a lot of weight after his terrifying ordeal but he is now on the road to recovery and is safely back home with his family.

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