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CSJ Group winner makes history

Bonvivant Coup de FoudreBonvivant Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta, owned by Ann Brown and bred by Jan Ralph, became the first Malinois to win a Group at a Championship show in the UK at Blackpool.

Deepha is from the first Malinois Passport mating and is nine years of age.

She is fed on Old Champ, from the CSJ Champ range. Ceri Rundle, CSJ’s owner (herself a highly successful International competitor in sheepdog trials) said, “We were delighted for Ann and Jan and are proud to have played our part in this fantastic achievement.”

CSJ is fast becoming a cult product and those ‘in the know’ are reaping the result in all dog sports. It is available from specialist stockists like Jan Ralph, who will give informed advice and their contact details can be seen at, along with details of shows which stockists will be attending.

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