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Obituary - Joann Williamson

JOANN WILLIAMSON of Dejoh Chow Chows died on Friday morning 17th July, after a two month stay in hospital.

Joann, who had lived in Ireland, the North West and the North East of England, always committed herself to the Chow Chow Club of the area in which she lived. She was Chairperson of the North Eastern Chow Chow Club and had just given up being Chairperson of the Breed Council in order to complete a book she was in the process of writing.

She judged Chows at Championship show level and had also judged Utilities at Open show level. She was a member of the Kennel Club and was a true 'lady' in every sense of the word. In her private life, she always reached the pinnacle in each job she undertook, she was a Justice of the Peace and almost weekly sat on tribunal hearings. Joann led an extremely full life and will be sadly missed by her husband Bob in particular, Chowdom and the North Eastern Chow Chow Club in general, and her many, many friends.

Joann, you will be impossible to replace. On a personal note, we have known you for a number of years now - what a wonderful and vibrant friend you were with a calm and beautiful nature, it has been a privilege knowing you. Mary and I will miss you very much.

God bless you, Joann.

David Robbins
Secretary of the North Eastern Chow Chow Club

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