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Obituary - Muriel Paulger

Muriel Paulger

THE MANCHESTER Terrier and dog world as a whole lost one of the ‘Old School's’ more colourful characters when Muriel passed away last Tuesday. Muriel was the BMTC's Social Secretary for as long as anyone can remember and was certainly one of the first to greet and welcome me to the club nearly thirty years ago.

She always had a wry smile and a warm word for everyone. Muriel was born in 1920 and met her future husband Eric when they were both just 15-years-old, got married at 22 and a couple of years later had their daughter Gillian. They didn't have very much in those days, but when Eric went into the army, Muriel was canny enough to put all of his army pay to one side and when he was de-mobbed she had enough money to buy a house for them both. Muriel's passion in life was her dogs, she started in Cockers, had pugs and Lancashire Heelers but her claim to fame with the ‘Scarlac’ affix came in Manchester Terriers where she bred some wonderful dogs and a fair few Champions too.

We all knew her as the ‘Lady in Red’ as she always wore a long, bright red cardigan with two big pockets when showing her dogs. She wasn't amused either if any lady were to come into the ring wearing anything similar. Muriel would give you a real good ticking off in the ring if you were found to be ‘stringing’ your dog up as she thought the dogs should be showed naturally on a loose lead, she would follow you up the triangle and tap you on the back of the hand until you dropped the lead (can you imagine that these days?).

One of Muriel and Eric's loves in life were their holidays abroad and, until only last year, caravanning at the dog shows, Muriel was also quite well known for her year round ‘all over’ tan as she was a keen naturist too. A very bright outward going and knowledgeable lady who would help and advise anyone freely as long as she had the last word. God bless.

Mick Oxley
Chairman BMTC

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