Showdog Whisperer Seminar success

Once again, Liz Dunhill and Hannah Rose's Show Dog Whisperer seminar, proved a great success for all students who attended recently, writes Kerry Rushby.

From 20 dogs, they ranged from Pug, Chihuahua, Australian Shepherd, Portuguese Podengo, Boxers, Giant Schnauzer, Leonberger, Basenji, Briards, Tibetan Terrier, Japanese Shiba Inu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shar Pei, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Keeshond, Rottweiler & Irish Setter.

As the seminar opened, Liz introduced herself to the students and gave a brief history of her experience as a breeder, handler and judge. Trained in the USA, Liz has been involved in the world of dogs for over 30 years. She has the knowledge of good breeding and handling from many different breeds.

A breeder of Rottweilers, Japanese Shiba Inu's, Akitas, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Liz's credibility is second to none, a judge of CCs in Akita, Rottweilers, and Japanese Shiba Inu, to add to this, she is a breeder of the breed record holder in both Rottweiler & Japanese Shiba Inu's. What more could these students standing before her today, really expect....the answer - fantastic results.


Partnered with her young handler, UK Junior Handler of the Year, Hannah Rose, Hannah herself has more than enough experience, in getting the best out of a dog, when it comes to showing. Both women together, work very hard and very well, and as always, have the best results.
All students were asked to stand up with their dogs and stand as they would when first walking into a ring at a show. Liz & Hannah analyzed each dog at a glance, before asking the smaller dogs to move round once, and the larger breeds to move around twice. From this first task, Liz had already picked up on a few faults with each dog/handler.

Time for the individual tuition, Liz asked each person to come up to the front and express their problems, with their showdog, or about themselves. Not only did Liz assess each person individually, but as she was advising skills and overcoming problems, she was also informing the rest of the students, exactly what she was solving. From step one, the student seemed stuck, by step two, the handler was told, and shown, what to do, to best solve the problem, by step three, the handler had the new skills in mind, and was sent over to Hannah Rose, to show what new skills they had and if they were doing it correctly. Hannah gave the handlers the chance to give that finishing touch, when they are in the ring for that two minute chance of success we all aim for. Ranging from standing skills, to baiting, and even the posture of the handler, and the way you hold the lead, each person had their advice passed on to them from Liz and notes were taken in and exposed later in the day.

After lunch and the individual assessments, all dogs were split into two groups, the larger breeds in one group and the smaller breeds in the other group. One group went with Liz, and the other group, with Hannah. Each handler were now told, to stand their dogs as they would when at a show, with the new skills that they had in mind, exposing their own techniques in front of the judge, Liz and Hannah. Every dog or handler in the morning, had an issue with something, but after their one on one tuition, the results afterwards were phenomenal. As Liz remarked, she could not believe the difference with each dog/handler. Once the group was assessed, they swapped judges, and again, were assessed by Liz & Hannah.

At the end of the seminar, Liz remarked on the following, You as a handler, have paid your £20 to enter a show, it is your responsibility to walk into that ring and know yourself that you are there to win. Expose yourself to the judge, use manners and be courteous to everyone. Be positive and use that one on one connection with you and your dog, and you will soon start to see the difference with your success. If you have a good dog, then the good dog will win, if you both have the right attitude, then success will soon follow.

With this in mind to all handlers, they left the day, fresh with new skills and advice, and I am sure that Liz & Hannah, only wait for the results to come back from their superb seminar tuition, from the pre graduates of the Show Dog Whisper Seminar.

As a handler of dogs myself for 10 years, I strongly suggest for all to attend. I found it very informative and positive with some great skills ahead of me, the next time I go to show my dog

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