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WKC announces move

Weather conditions make grounds unsuitable

As a result of the recent adverse weather conditions experienced over the period of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Show, held on 20-23 July 2009, the Upper and Lower ring areas only, of the Showground have been rendered unusable.

Consequently, it has been necessary to revise the layout of the Show. However, breeds will still be accommodated, as near as possible, in the areas stated in the Show schedule. Entry into the Showground remains via the coloured entrances as Car Park labels issued.

In the Upper area, judging of all breeds will take place under cover. Benching and rings remain as stated in the Show Schedule.

The Lower Area Show rings and benching will now be situated behind the Grandstand area which in the past has been used for Car Park and caravans.

It is stressed that the remaining areas of the Showground are in good order. The siting of caravans, and car parking, will proceed as usual.

WKC regret having to make these necessary changes at this late stage, but hope that exhibitors will be understanding.

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