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Dehra Esperance de Debucher
3.9.94 - 6.8.09

Dehra Esperance de DebucherJUST AFTER midnight on 6th August I put Bear to sleep. He would have been fifteen on 3rd September. He was blind but very much still with it. However, possibly due to a stomach tumour, he torsioned and I was so glad I was there to help relieve him of any pain as quickly as possible, writes Viv Phillips

Bear came out of the first litter produced by Dutch Champion Flambeur du Roc de Deymier in the UK and his dam Bien-Venue at Dehra was born in quarantine from the second litter in the UK. He became a house dog early in 1995 because of his amazing temperament and intelligence and had his own chair in the sitting room, as many guests discovered!

He was top GBGV in 1996 and 1997 and won the first Best in Show twelve days after the Grands came off the import register on 1st January 1997. He was also the first GBGV to win a BOB at an all breeds Championship show at Birmingham National 1997 under Zena Andrews. Bear sired some very good litters and his grandchildren are still winning in the show ring as are their progeny. Two of his grandsons, Ch Debucher Savoir Faire and Ch Debucher Picobello, were successful show dogs and have produced well. In my opinion for size (42? cm) and construction he was one of the best GBGV I have ever owned, with a glorious head and good coat. He did, however, have a very low boredom threshold and his idea of showing was one quick triangle, but standing still was not really on his agenda!

Bear had been shot at by a farmer as a 2-year-old and to this day was full of pellets! He had driven us all mad by insisting on sitting out in the rain, snow and hail, rather than lower himself by sitting inside a kennel during the day. He was top dog here until the end after his father died, and was well loved by all who knew him. A truly great dog to have known.

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