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Kala the Toller makes breed history!

Corlitgold TokalaA NOVA Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has made breed history by becoming the first Toller to win five group placings in the short space of six months.

Corlitgold Tokala, aka Kala, started her show career in February of this year at six months of age where at her first competition she won the class and BPIB. Along with numerous BP awards, Kala also started her collection of group placings and to date has 2 x GPG2, 2 x GPG3 and 1 x GPG4.

Kala’s owners, Carol & Martin Widdowson, are understandably very proud of their winning Toller and are pleased that this rare breed is gradually increasing in popularity.

‘We are bowled over with our bitch’s success, as is our breed club Secretary Mrs Babs Harding. It's wonderful to see our breed being recognised at last and being taken seriously in the group judging. There was a time when Tollers weren't even looked at, never mind considered.

‘This may not seem a lot, compared to those breeds with CC status, but for an up-and-coming breed, it's a huge success!’

Furthermore Kala ended her puppy career in style at Bournemouth Championship Show winning BPIB.

Kala’s litter sisters are also making a big impact on the Open show circuit with Corlitgold Tula and Corlitgold Tarli, owned by Miss Sam Strudwick and Miss Christine Powley respectively, having already won a total of seven puppy group placings between them.

‘A personal record for us and a definite breed record,’ Carol told OUR DOGS.

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