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City Of Birmingham Rolls On!

City of BirminghamThe City of Birmingham show in September has just announced that its entry has held up remarkably well in the face of the recession. With only 13 dogs less than last year, the number of dogs is 9,837, a great result.

A boost to the entry has been the response in the seven breeds also scheduled for their own club open shows each morning of the show and being held in the Kennel Club building. It is thought these shows will finish at about lunchtime and then these exhibitors can show again in the afternoon in the City show itself, an exercise which has been done very successfully overseas, but certainly a first for the UK! In fact the entries for the main show for these breeds justify the decision and are a revelation as follows:

Bolognese has 42 dogs for Stuart mallard, Havanese with 51 dogs with judge, Brenda Taylor, Finnish Lapphunds, 55 dogs for Carol Stuckey, Tibetan Mastiffs with 50 dogs, Jill Peak,
Bracco Italiano has 27 dogs for Di Arrowsmith, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla with 59 dogs for Mick Howes and Spanish Water Dogs with a fabulous 65 dogs for José (Pepe) Haro from Spain.

All rounder

Keith Young, Carla Molinari, Albert WightPopular all rounder Mr Albert Wight is judging BIS and is also judging one of the toy breeds in the KC building. Terry Nethercott is doing all the Puppy Groups and BPIS.

Hans Lehtinen from Finland is judging the Higham Press Veteran Stakes and the Eukanuba Champion Stakes on all three days. Carla Molinari from Portugal is doing the Toy , Hound and the Pastoral Group.

Local Midlands girl Sue McCourt is doing the Terrier Group whilst fit again and Derek Smith is running his eye over the Working Group.

Another local from the Rugby area, Kathy Gorman is doing the Gundog Group and top Tibetan terrier breeder Ken Sinclair gets the Utility Group.

Starting times for judging are as follows: All rings start at 10am on the Friday and start at 9am on the Saturday and Sunday.

Big feature

Andrew BraceAgility is a big feature for this show and full details of everything about the agility can been viewed on the City website

The complete list of judging changes is as follows: CKCS (Bitches) Mrs L Hughes (the daughter of the original judge); Great Danes, Mr T Brearley; Cesky Terriers, Mrs M Micklethwaite and Hungarian Vizsla, Mr D M J Evans.

The latest change is due to the sudden and sad death of Roy Metcalfe who was judging all the AVNSC (All Groups) every day, plus the Imported Register Breeds every day. Andrew Brace is the replacement for Roy.

It is also hoped to run the series of lectures given by Sue Paterson of Dermapet, also featured in this week’s issue of OUR DOGS. Watch this space for further announcements.

Whilst visitors are welcome, the society would remind people that pet dogs are not allowed into the show, but the good news is that car parking is free, admission free, and there are 34 trade stands for you to shop until you drop!

International Media Partner
OUR DOGS will be covering the breed open shows in the morning and will have an additional stand in that building where copies of our special issue featuring this event will be on sale. Margaret Kempster has been coordinating the feature on these breeds and will be in the KC building where winners can see her to place follow up adverts.

A dedicated photographer will attend on each day with Louise Tope for the Pastoral day.

Gill Breen will be on the main stand in the arena area as normal as will our man of the Midlands, photographer Mr Alan Walker. We look forward to meeting all our friends and readers at this big event.

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