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BCDS celebrates anniversary

THE BRITISH Canaan Dog Society (proposed) celebrated its 5th anniversary at their annual rally held at the Babrees Kennels in Cambridgeshire. The society, which strives to promote and preserve the interests of Canaan Dogs and fanciers, hosts the event to bring together dogs and exhibitors to enjoy a great day out.

This year it attracted a variety of breed entuthiasts who enoyed the friendly match competition judged by Stella Coombes (Mystarz). In addition to the 18 Canaan Dogs exhibited, other breeds included Samoyeds, Leonbergers, German Spitz Kleins, Chihuahuas, Schnauzers and an English Bull Terrier.

The four classifications were Puppy, Yearling, Open and Veteran. Puppy was won by Sarah Britten-Jones' Canaan Dog ‘Wolfie’ (Lorianna Shefer); Yearling was won by Julie Hughes' English Bull Terrier ‘Buffy’, Open was won by Lorna Hastings' ‘Maddie’ (Lorianna Call Me Madam), Veteran was won by Alison Byrne and Ivan Kaye's ‘Tali’ (Talither Bat Me Babrees). Maddie was awarded Best in Match and Best Canaan Dog in Match, Wolfie was Best Puppy in Match and Tali was Reserve Best Canaan in Match.

Upon completion of judging, a presentation was made to the judge by the British Canaan Dog Society (proposed) Chairman Jill Terry. The society had specially commissioned a commorative mug which pictured a Canaan Dog with the BCDS (proposed) logo and the wording ‘Best Judge’.
Finally, to round off a glorious day, a celebratory cake was cut and enjoyed by all.

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