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KC calls for action on shock collars

Action needed now following more misuse

The Kennel Club’s campaign to ban electric shock collars in the UK is back in the spotlight after more cases of cruelty were uncovered, highlighting the need for government intervention in the sale and use of these harmful, unnecessary and potentially dangerous devices.

The Independent Weimaraner Rescue and Rehoming Service is the latest in a long line of groups, organisations and individuals who have come forward to emphasise the terrible effects of using electric shock collars on dogs.

The latest case involves a Weimaraner dog who was found wandering the streets dangerously malnourished and underweight with an electric shock collar around its neck together with two collars, a chain and a padlock to ensure the shock collar could not be removed.

As a result of its former owners’ use of the collar, it was unknown whether the dog would be able to be re-homed due to the possibility of unpredictable behavioural problems. The dog was subsequently assessed in different environments over many weeks in an attempt to re-socialise it, and has fortunately now been able to be re-homed with loving new owners. Sadly, the dog suffers from some remaining side effects such as separation anxiety and fear induced involuntary urination. For many others, the long term effects are much worse. Previous case studies tell of long term anxiety issues and physical injury from electrical burns.

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director for the Kennel Club said: “How many more dogs have to suffer before something is done about these awful devices? The Government is dragging its heels by waiting for more scientific research to prove their harmful effects - what more evidence does the government need?

“At a cost of £469,000 this research is very costly at a time when Defra resources for companion animals are scarce.”

For further information, including a template letter to write to your MP/MSP, and advice on the Kennel Club campaign to ban electric shock collars, contact the External Affairs department on 0844 770 5235 ext 301 or visit and click on ‘press centre’ then ‘Kennel Club campaigns’.

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