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Obituary - Jennifer Gielisse - Netherlands

Jennifer GielissMrs Jennifer Gielisse from the Netherlands passed away recently. She was a breeder of Piccolo Levriero Italiano, Basenjis and Mexican and Peruvian Hairless dogs and had also owned a few Galgos and Greyhounds, writes Karl Donvil

I knew Jennifer from when I started to do dog shows about 20 years ago. In those days she was already on top with her dogs. Many years ago I heard that she had cancer. However, Jennifer was a real fighter and she kept on going to dog shows whenever she could. She recovered well but shortly everything started all over again, this time it was in her bones. Yet even then nothing could stop her, she had a very complicated surgery and only a few weeks later she was again showing her dogs, as this was much more important then staying at home suffering.

She asked me this year if she could join the World Dog Press Association. She was not a regular writer, though she contributed from time to time to the dutch magazines. She would like to go to Dublin and have her Press Card by then. She did go and some of her dogs won!

It was when I was back home that I heard that she had hospitalized in Ireland but could come home at last. After that I saw her one more time in Liège at the end of July.Two weeks later she collapsed and died.

Jennifer was a real fighter and dog showing was all she knew. We will miss her, but if you see a nice Basenji, Mexican Hairless or a georgious PLI, think about Jenni as it is very well possible that these dogs have Il Piccolo Azzuro or Abotere in their bloodlines.

Farewell Jennifer.

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