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Joint statement following ‘frank’ meeting

Following a meeting last week, the Kennel Club and the German Shepherd Dog Partnership have issued a joint statement:

“A meeting was held on 18th August between representatives of the Kennel Club and the GSD Partnership, which represents every one of the 33 German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) Clubs in the UK, to discuss a number of issues surrounding the heath and welfare of the breed; some of which were highlighted in the Kennel Club’s decision to decline for the time being to allocate CCs to the Breed for 2012.

‘The discussions, whilst frank and forthright, remained constructive, and whilst there was full agreement on some matters it is obvious that there is still some way to go before a full understanding will be reached on all the concerns raised. However a clear way forward has been agreed and all parties are resolute that the heath and welfare of the breed remain paramount. ’

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