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Kennel Club Breeder Plan

The Kennel Club listened carefully to the views and opinions of breeders from across the UK and has developed the Kennel Club Breeder Plan: a true lifelong policy, designed specifically for dog breeding.

The Kennel Club Breeder Plan provides specialist areas of cover and delivers the flexibility and choice that breeders have been waiting for:

Pregnancy and giving birth (including Caesarean Sections), Puppies in the early stages, Fertility, Vet fees for your dog, Third party liability

For more information visit or speak to one of UK-based insurance specialists on 0845 379 1500 Agria Pet Insurance started livestock insurance in 1890, and is now the leading name in pet insurance in Scandinavia.

A very special partnership - with the Kennel Club The Kennel Club Chose Agria to be it’s exclusive insurance provider because of a unifying commitment to understanding the needs of pet owners and breeders, and a desire to ensure that people and dogs live happy and fulfilling lives together

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