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Support Puppy Farm Awareness day

Dog-loving celebrities and sports personalities are giving their full support to Puppy Farm Awareness Day which takes place this year on 19th September.

This special day will help to educate the millions of people in the UK who are considering buying a puppy but are unsure who to contact and what to do next about purchasing one. co-founders TV Vet Marc Abraham and social media guru Andrew Seel wanted the British public to know the truth about where badly-bred puppies come from to help them choose a happy and healthy puppy rather than a sick or diseased farmed one.

The ‘World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ invites all puppies and owners to take part in a fun gathering to raise national awareness about such an important and serious animal welfare issue. This unique day will also feature a funky doggy shopping area, Scruffts cross-breed heats, assistance dog displays as well as an all-day celebrity-judged fun dog show open to dogs of all ages, with Ex-World Champion boxer Michael Watson MBE judging ‘Best Boxer Dog’!

TV Vet Marc Abraham says “I am treating more and more puppies that have come from puppy farms than ever before. It’s not the owners fault, they would rather have a happy and healthy pup, but aren’t keen to wait or spend the money in these tough economic times. So here are my tips for choosing a puppy:

To register your dog or puppy, find out more about which celebrities are judging at’s ‘The World’s Biggest Puppy Party’ on Puppy Farm Awareness Day, Sumer Health Advice or even Top Money Saving to help you and your pet through credit crunch, visit today.


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