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UK welcomes back Gizmo!

Gizmo the Tibetan Terrier - aka Ch & Am Ch Araki Tinckle Winckle at Dialynne - is back in the UK after some time out in the USA.

Gizmo won his first CC and BOB at Paignton in 2006 under Dennis Coxall at 10 months, his 2nd under Zena Thorn Andrews at Bournemouth (where he went on to win the puppy group), and he was made up at the City of Birmingham under Fiona Whitehead at 12 months and 13 days, making him the youngest Tibetan Terrier champion in the history of the breed.

Before leaving for the US he had won his 4th cc, his 3rd Res CC and POTY qualifier (but couldn’t go as gran, Marion Spavin! was doing the final) and twice junior stakes qualifier 2006 and 2007.
John Shaw bought him at Crufts 07 after Willy went BIS, and Larry Cornelius and Marcelo Veras took him back to the US with them. He wasn't shown until 2008 and was finished in April 2009; in that time he became top ranked Tibetan Terrier 08 & 09, won multiple BIS at all breed shows 13 G1, 13 G2, 8 G3 and 9 G4.

John had promised that when they had finished campaigning him in the US he would come back to Melanie Spavin, and he arrived back on November 26 for her to show. John and Melanie are joint partners and LKA is his first show, unfortunately he won't be going to Crufts as Melanie’s mum, Dianna, is the judge.

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