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Obituary - Jim Burrell

Jim Burrell on 12 November 2009. He had been involved in Dobermanns since the early 1960s. Together with his wife Marty he bred, showed and worked Dobermanns under the Jimarty’s prefix. He judged in many countries including, Thailand, Russia, Germany and Holland, where he made many friends. However, the highlight of his career with dogs was to judge at Crufts, Lyn Hunter (Springcurl).

Jim was a dog man of the ‘old’ school. He was at his happiest when talking about dogs. When Jim was diagnosed with angina I started to drive him to shows, where many hours were spent discussing dogs, judging and working dogs. Jim cured his own angina by falling off his son’s motorbike while he was ‘playing’ in the field. Just one of the heartstopping moments he gave Marty.

Jim arranged for the Dobermann Club working tests to be held on land near him, with his kennels as the base. Always a great day, Jim enjoyed competing and watching the Dobermanns work. Of course, Marty was there in the background feeding everyone. What a thrill when John Fleet won the Kennel Club Working Trials with a Jimarty bred Dobermann, Wt.Ch. Jimarty’s Cita CDex. UDex WDex TDex.

Always having the best interests of Dobermanns at heart Jim recognised the serious problem of Wobbler syndrome within the breed. He had all his breeding stock scored and fervently encouraged other breeders to do likewise. He was always there to support any owner who had problems with their dogs, spending many hours helping them with training and advice.

He was also heavily involved with Dobermann Rescue and is a great loss to the breed. I am sure everyone will wish to send their love and support to his wife Marty and son Peter at this very distressing time.

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