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Marie Miller on hand at the LKA Show in Birmingham

Marie Miller Marie Miller

Spiffy Dog (Europe), the European distributors of the top selling American Air Collar and leads for dogs and the Snuggle Pets range of fleece harnesses is delighted to announce that they are continuing to sponsor the Marie Miller Road Show that will be at The Ladies Kennel Association Dog Show at the NEC.

Marie Miller, is the well known dog trainer and behaviourist. She is a P3 Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner and Trainer. Marie is a committee member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (APDT) and is proud that it’s code of practice endorses positive and motivational methods of training while actually banning the use of harsh equipment and unpleasant physical methods. Her previous book 100 Ways To Train The Perfect Dog, co-authored with Sarah Fisher from ITV’s Talking to Animals, has become a best seller in its field selling extremely well in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and Europe wide. It has now been translated into four additional languages.

Marie Miller has had a busy year. Over and above her regular dog behaviour work, her second book, co-authored with TV’s Sarah Fisher, 100 Ways to Solve Your Dogs Problems has just been published and already selling well. Marie was seen on stage at the Ultimate Pet Show in May. Since then, the Spiffy Dog Ask the Experts stands have been at a number of events. These have included Paws in the Park in Kent and Hampshire, Marc Abraham’s World’s Biggest Puppy Party in Brighton, the Robin Hood Game and Country Show in Newark and Discover Dogs, in London The final event of the year is the Ladies Kennel Association Show at the NEC next month.

“We are thrilled” said Alex Wilson Marketing Director of Spiffy Dog “to be supporting Marie Miller’s work and sponsoring her road show. As an ethical company we see too many people rush into pet shops spending large amounts of money on the wrong equipment without receiving the proper advice. At the LKA owners can have a free chat with one of this country’s well known dog experts who hopefully will be able to offer visitors the help that they have been looking for.”

“My work” explains Marie “is all about helping dogs and dog owners work together in a positive way. I encourage the use of reward based, clicker and TTouch Training so that owners can achieve the results they are looking for whilst at the same time ensuring the whole thing stays fun and rewarding for the dogs. I openly condemn the use of the archaic methods using choke chains, pinch collars, electronic collars and high-pitched alarms or other punitive equipment. I am looking forward to meeting visitors to the show and being able to chat with them and offer advice with problems that they are experiencing with their dogs.

Marie has also contributed to numerous dog magazines including Dogs Monthly, Dog Training Weekly, Service Dog, Your Dog and local newspapers. She is also the former dog editor for Natural Horsemanship Magazine.

“I am really thrilled” said Marie “to be part of LKA show. It is looking like it is going to a wonderful weekend for all involved.

Marie Miller will be on the Spiffy Dog during the weekend. Visitors will have the opportunity to come and meet Marie and have a chat with her about their dogs. This offers a unique opportunity to receive free consultancy from one of this country’s leading canine experts. Marie will also be signing copies of her books 100 Ways To Train The Perfect Dog and 100 Ways To Solve Your Dogs Problems.

Spiffy Dog is planning on working with Marie Miller again in 2010 to take her to events around the country where she can help people with dog problems.

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