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Exhibitors in double shooting

A COUPLE who exhibit German Wirehaired Pointers and Hungarian WH Vizslas have been found shot dead in a rented farmhouse.

A gun was found near the bodies of Martin Jones and wife Janette and, and police are now investigating whether Mr Martin shot his wife then himself.

Officers said relatives found the pair, said to be in their 50s, in the quiet are of Lees in Kent.
A local barmaid described a shaken man in her pub on Wednesday night. She said: ‘We asked if he was all right. He said his girlfriend's parents were both dead. He said that her dad had shot his wife then killed himself.

‘He said he had to get his girlfriend a drink and asked for a double Tia Maria and coke in a plastic cup.’

Villagers said the couple had only lived there a short time and police are not looking for anyone else.

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