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GSD community will lead the way

Detailed proposals are to be made to the Kennel Club General Committee early next year which, if accepted, would point a way to the solution of many of the problems that the Kennel Club has with certain parts of the GSD community.

The proposals, which are due to be handed over to the KC on January 5, would also, hopefully, lead the way towards allocating Kennel Club Challenge Certificates to the breed in 2012.

The approach is likely to be directed to individual breed clubs and general and group championship shows. It would allocate KC Challenge Certificates only to those clubs and societies which are prepared to accept various Kennel Club recommendations on issues such as double handling, and the tackling of unsoundness in the hindquarters of the breed and in particular in the hocks of some dogs.

Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club said, ‘Obviously I can’t talk about all the finer points of these proposals until the Kennel Club General Committee has discussed the detail but I know that the Committee is supportive of the principle involved.

‘I hope that these moves, if agreed, will allow CCs for GSDs to be allocated to those clubs and societies who are prepared to face up to the fact that this well respected breed has not, in recent years, been making the progress that it deserves.’

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