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Nordic winners show

Filisite Brash Celebration Crispy Legacy
Photos: Svetlana Valujeva
LAST WEEKEND’S Finnish Winners Show saw BIS judged by Rainer Vuorinen,
who awarded the title of BIS to the Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Crispy Legacy owned
and bred by Agneta Astrom, Sweden and at the Nordic Winners Show on the same weekend, Goran Bodegard gave BIS to the Scottish Terrier, Filisite Brash Celebration owned and bred by Valentina Popova from the Russian Federation.
See more photos and Virginia Dowty and Svetlana Valujeva’s reports in next week’s issue.
Michael Gadsby
Photo: Svetlana Valujeva
Spotted in Helsinki at the Nordic Winners show last weekend, Michael Gadsby
and Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal)
More on the show next week.

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