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Stafford cross killed and dumped

A YOUNG bitch, believed to be a Stafford cross, has been found in a pool of blood near a beach in Folkestone.

The dog is believed to have been dragged 15 feet and tossed into a corner after it had been killed. Her body was found by a passer-by on tuesday morning. Police believe she may have been only a few months old and are trying to trace her owners.

A dog walker noticed the body and told two council engineers who were working nearby on the beach’s brick arches. They investigated and after realising it had not been washed up by the tide called Shepway’s local dog warden, who was left in tears and said it was the worst thing she had ever seen in her five years in the job:

‘The dog has been bludgeoned to death. She had terrible head wounds and her teeth were shattered. From the blood marks on the floor of the arches she had obviously been dragged to the back of the arch after being killed.Maybe whoever did this was hoping the tide would come in and wash the body away. I have been a dog warden for five years and this is the worst thing I have ever seen. If people didn’t want this dog why didn’t they take her to the vet to be painlessly put the sleep. She must have died a painful and terrifying death.’

She believes the people who killed the dog knew the area and lived locally.

Chief Inspector Steve Dockery of the RPSCA described the cruelty as “outrageous” and said: ‘I would appeal to anyone who knows anything about this dog and her terrible death to contact us and help us bring the perpetrators to justice.’

There were no reports of any missing dogs matching the description and it was at first thought the animal may have died in a dog fight. However it has since been determined it was killed deliberately.

Police are appealing for owners or anyone with information to call 01303 289180.

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