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Christmas ban on re-homing dogs

A dogs’ home in Wiltshire has said it will not re-home any animals over the Christmas period to prevent unwanted pets being returned in the new year.

The Dogs Trust in Salisbury said dogs can be viewed and reserved but cannot be taken away - despite it having 70 abandoned animals at the centre.

The temporary ban on the re-homing of potential pets starts this weekend and ends on 2 January.

Leslie Carley, from the Dogs Trust, said: ‘We'd encourage people if they are serious about having a dog, to come to our centre, see our dogs, talk to our re-homing staff and hopefully reserve a dog. However, we won't be sending that dog home until the new year because there's so much thought that needs to go into it.

‘We really want to make sure that people are making the right decision, both for them and the dog.’

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