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Stem cell therapy success for dogs

THE CANINE Health Institute in Houston, America, has just started a new treatment which has given dogs with arthritis and joint pain a new lease of life, with stem cells injections.

Dr. Adrianne Brode, DVM, of the Institute reported recently that the main goal would be to treat orthopedic cases, arthritis, cruciate injuries, post-operative kind of things. ‘Those are the kind of treatments we know that stem cells can make a big difference,’ she said.

In most cases, stem cells are taken from the fat in the dog’s belly, using a machine commonly used to get human stem cells and, when they put the fat in, the fat is separated from the stem cells.

This is one of only half a dozen machines in the world that can isolate stem cells right in the operating room, with four other stem cell machines in human hospitals, including Houston's Texas Heart Institute.

The separation procedure takes more than an hour, then the stem cells are counted and given directly to the dog in the affected area.

Daisy the beagle received stem cell therapy recently for pain after surgery.

Daisy's owner Suzanne Taylor said, ‘I noticed a dramatic improvement within one week after the procedure. She was able to walk on all four legs and she wasn't in so much pain and seemed much happier.’

Dexter also had stem cell therapy for pain after surgery to repair a torn ligament. ‘He was better, better, better,’ said Dexter’s owner Kirby Attwell. ‘I'm hesitant because it’s so soon after surgery, but he had a real improvement almost immediately.’

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