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Breeders competition hailed a success

On the 15th January 2009, at the Manchester Dog Show Society Championship Show, the Kennel Club officially launched the new Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition which aims to create a new arena where breeders can demonstrate their breeding skills and take pride in showing off their stock.

Breeders competitionThe launch of the competition was met with great enthusiasm by exhibitors, with a total of 94 teams participating over the four days of the show.

The Kennel Club received many positive reactions to the new competition, with breeders delighted to be offered the opportunity to compete for an award that recognises their skill in breeding dogs of the highest quality, and spectators admired the spectacle of seeing the dogs in the main ring.
A special presentation was made by Kennel Club Chairman, Ronnie Irving and Manchester Dog Show Society President, Valerie Foss to the winners of the Best Breeder award in each of the Groups.

Secretary of Manchester Dog Show Society, Paul Harding, commented, ‘The launch went extremely smoothly and everyone agreed that the daily Competition Group judging added an extra and exciting element to the Main Ring programme. We noticed that many more people stayed to watch the Groups each day and believe that the added dimension of the Breeders’ Competition certainly contributed to this. I am sure that this competition will go from strength to strength as it really seemed to capture the imagination of exhibitors and breeders both around the breed rings and in the Main Ring.’

Kennel Club Chairman, Ronnie Irving, added, ‘The Kennel Club is delighted that this new competition has been so well supported at Manchester. It promises to become a popular and prestigious award that truly showcases the very best of British dog breeding.

‘The Kennel Club would like to thank the Officers and Committee of Manchester Dog Show Society for their valuable help in launching the competition, which was much appreciated.’

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