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Neglect pair no show in court

A MOTHER and daughter accused of causing unncessary suffering to their Shih Tzu failed to show up to a court hearing two weeks ago.

Silke Blackman and daughter Janine were due to appear before Hastings Magistrates after the 10-year-old bitch was discovered struggling to walk and so thin her bones were sticking out. ‘Muffin’ also had an overgrown nail embedded in her foot and was facing surgery for a suspected tumour, which the pair had ignored.

The court heard how the pair had given Muffin to their neighbour Eileen Hillier in May last year after she offered to rehome the dog.

David Buck, prosecuting, said: ‘Janine met and agreed to the rehoming of the dog and it was arranged with Eileen Hillier. She took the dog and noticed it appeared to be emaciated and was scared and its hair was coming off in clumps.’

The case was proved in the defendants’ absence and has been adjourned until a later date.

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